• Courtney Jensen

Oregon Coast Maternity Session

Tracy, Lindsey and myself met for the first time in one of the parking lots of Oswald West State Park which connects to a trail that leads straight to a secluded yet popular surfing cove called Short Sands Beach, or Shorty's for short. It's about a ten minute easy walk through beautiful Oregon temperate rain forest which quickly opens up to a rocky shore where you'll find families sitting around fires, dogs romping directly into ocean waves, and kids searching for treasures at low tide.

I tend to get overly excited when people reach out to me to shoot something besides a wedding. I don't know where this comes from, but I think people get wrapped up in capturing video of what they think *should* be captured, as opposed to realizing that other moments in their lives deserve as much praise, if not more. And let me just say that even larger moments happen after you say “I Do.”

Like these two announcing their pregnancy after a long battle with fertility difficulties. It’s important to celebrate where you’ve been and where you are now — it’s all a journey of beauty in life. Tracy and Lindsey announced their pregnancy about a week before we got together to shoot this, so celebrating and meeting them in this way was a wildly heartwarming experience.

They have come a long way and I’m here to honor them both, the day after Mother’s Day which can be so hard for so many people for so many different reasons.

Tracy has been entirely transparent about their queer fertility struggles. And in a world where social media honors the organized, fluffy, and polished corners of life, it's refreshing to see and feel this kind of power in openness and vulnerability.

Sharing in community and embracing with empathy are two incredibly amazing things that I wish people participated in more. 💛

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