• Courtney Jensen

Backyard Pit Firing

The last time I filmed someone throwing clay in their backyard, I ended up editing the video to Wind on the Hill by A. A. Milne. There's truly something about the art that makes me feel introspective and calm. Like the work itself shifts my brain into a space of mindfulness that I can't seem to easily tap into otherwise.

During this session, we talked about how amazing it is that this is something people have been doing forever. And maybe that's why my brain goes to the place that it does when throwing clay or watching friends throw clay. It's something already known and felt because it's history.

While searching for a song to edit her session to, I searched for Pottery Playlists on Spotify and discovered Beautiful Error by Most Fear featuring Alan Watts and it just fit. If you're looking for the lecture that the words come from, you can find it here: Alan Watts - Mind Over Mind

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