"My husband and I watched our video and cried like babies. It brought us back to that day and those feelings and memories. I am THRILLED that we will get to have that experience for years to come. Invest in a wedding video, you won’t regret it. Courtney is fantastic, you will love her."

Remember how it felt –– forever.

When you invest in a wedding film and photos, you're investing in your future. To see yourself interacting with one another, your parents, grandparents, maybe a loved one who has passed, will become an absolutely priceless heirloom. I can't wait to get to know you and your family through my lens.

*Deposit to reserve your date is $2000. Monthly payment plans are also available –– just ask! :)

Included in Every Investment //

  • raw footage

  • social media trailer (delivered week-of)

  • drone coverage (weather permitting)

  • mini DV camcorder footage 

  • planning/timeline assistance

  • 2 meetings, either in person or on Zoom (whichever you're most comfortable doing)

  • my complete and total investment in you and your day 🖤

Hourly Coverage // 

*Your day is as unique as your relationship -- let's create something customized specifically to you. Are you only looking for raw footage and a trailer? The hourly pricing comes packaged with tons of value, which includes all of the above. Six hours is recommended only for the baseline package.

6 hours // $3000

8 hours //  $4000

10 hours // $5000

12 hours // $6000

Film Options //

  • 3 minute wedding film // $1500

  • 5 minute wedding film // $1600

  • 6 minute wedding film plus vow overlay // $1900

  • 8 to 10 minute film // $2100

  • documentary wedding film // $2400

1. Three Minute Wedding Film

- A three minute wedding film is perfect for those who aren't interested including their vows into their wedding, and are more interested in a visual highlight of sorts to share with friends and family.

​2. Five Minute Wedding Film

 - A five minute wedding film is best for those who have chosen 8 hours of coverage or more, and would like to keep their vows out of their wedding film. This is similar to the three minute wedding film, but more minutes of fame for you and your guests. This is my preferred length of film, as I feel it doesn't leave anything out. 

3. Six Minute Wedding Film + Audio Overlay

 - This film is perfect for those who want the visual impact of a highlight film, but enhanced with your personally written vows or snippets from speeches. 

4. Documentary Wedding Film

 - This is absolutely, one hundred percent my favorite way to deliver a final wedding film. This is for you if you'd like to watch through your entire day all at once like a movie. It'll have you getting ready, your first look, your vows, your first kiss, the first dances, toasts, and everything in between. If I could tell people what to choose, I would tell them to choose this plus 8 to 10 hours of coverage.


If you're looking for anything else, I can pretty much guarantee you will find it here. And if you don't, please reach out and we will make it happen!

Photo Booth Rental // $200/hour, minimum three hours


Day Before or After Session // $750

Additional Videographer // $100/hour

Week-Of Edits //

What is this?

This means I will edit your entire wedding film within a week of me shooting it.

The pricing for this varies due to the length and involvement of films:

One to Five Minute Length Films // $750

Six Minute Film plus Vows // $1000

Documentary Wedding Film // $1500


*It takes me approximately 8 to 12 weeks to finish a wedding film,

so if for any reason you'd like it before 12 weeks, I highly recommend a week-of edit.


Destination Weddings?

*I book these for a total of $8,500, which includes the following:

  • 12 hours of coverage

  • 8 - 10 minute wedding film

  • drone coverage (weather permitting)

  • mini dv camcorder footage

  • raw footage of your entire day

  • social media trailer

  • night before or day after session

  • two videographers