Here you will find many of the frequently asked questions I get from inquiring couples. If you have questions regarding pricing or anything beyond what I have answered here or on my investment page, please feel free to schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with me –– it'll be short and sweet. 

We're on a bit of a tighter budget, but we really want to book you! Do you have any pricing plans or anything that would help us?



I accept payments via debit, credit and check, as well as offering flexible payments plans so you can make a monthly payment that fits within your budget.


Sometimes it's easier to chat about these things over a quick phone call, which you can schedule with me at this link: https://calendly.com/yourweddingvideography/30minuteconsult

What is the typical booking process with you?

I'd love it if you could send me a message with the details of your day –– date, location, and anything else you'd like to include beyond that. A little snippet into your relationship or how you envision your day OR your film is super helpful. 


Then, you can either wait for me to get back to you, which I tend to do within the same day (unless it's on the weekend or a wedding day), or you can book a 30 minute phone consultation with me straight away, which I'll ask you to do in my follow-up email. 


During our call, we'll chat about what kind of coverage and film you're looking to book, whether you need a payment plan or would like to book just the hourly coverage and footage then book an edited film down the road when you're feeling ready to make that financial investment. Again, this is usually done during the winter. After our call, I'll send you a wedding videography agreement that lays out everything we discussed: the price of deposit and when to make your final balance payment (if we're not doing a payment plan). 


I will reserve your date for 72 hours after our phone call so you have time to fill out the agreement and make the deposit payment to officially reserve your date.


After booking, we will stay in touch via email and Instagram (I love to get to know my couples this way), and once we get closer to your date, we can plan a phone call to go over your timeline or we can even meet in person for some coffee. :) 

I'm getting married in New Orleans, but I see that you're based in Minneapolis –– how does that work?

I am from the Midwest, so Minneapolis is my home-base, but I am in New Orleans very frequently throughout the winter months. Even if your wedding is in the late summer or fall (during a time I'm not scheduled to be in New Orleans), you don't have to worry about cost of travel or accommodation. 

What is mini DV camcorder footage?

This footage is basically what we grew up with in the 90s! It records footage to a small cassette tape, and is reminiscent of super 8 film footage, but feels more nostalgic for those of us who grew up in the 90s or 00s, as opposed to super 8 being more nostalgic from our parents' childhood. 

How do you work with photographers on the day of weddings?

I love this question because it also explains kind of how I work on a wedding day. I let the photographer lead, as they need more posed shots than I do and I'm respectful of the work they put into wrangling the bridal party and making sure they're getting all the photos they need for your day.


I shoot very candidly and like to be a fly on the wall, but will often see something I like and ask to pop in and grab a shot. In my opinion, we are all one big team who you have hired to capture your day, so we work together to make sure that is our number one priority.

My number one priority is to keep you and yours comfortable and happy on your day without feeling like you're being followed around by cameras all day –– if you have any questions about that, please reach out! My fly-on-the-wall approach is a compliment that returns in nearly every review of mine.

How would you describe your style? I see a lot of different themes throughout your films.

"Style" is something I discuss every time on phone consultations with couples, and I generally describe "mine" as couple-oriented, candid, and broadly "unique" because every couple is different and my style (simply put), technically isn't up to me. 


While I might not choose the typical kind of music or structure that's generally seen in the "wedding video world," I think my couples dictate the flow, vibe and uniqueness of each film I put together.


Style should be dictated by the couple and their unique relationship, down to their mannerisms and how they naturally interact with one another. It has less to do with us or the kind of equipment we haul around and everything to do with patiently observing, listening and noticing the small things.

Do you travel? 

I absolutely travel. If your wedding takes place more than 120 miles outside of Minneapolis or the New Orleans area, I charge $750 to $1500 for travel and accommodation purposes, and for international travel, I charge $2000.

Do you capture elopement or destination weddings?

Yes, I do.


Please reach out with specific details, as I have a destination bucket list and offer coverage in those locations for a discounted price. For general international travel, I charge an additional $2,000. 

When can we expect our wedding trailer and film?

Any package you book comes with a 1 to 2 minute wedding trailer, which will be delivered the week after your wedding, so you can share a little snippet of your day with friends and family while I put together your other film(s).


The other edited films usually take me anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks after your wedding date. I try to get them to couples as soon as possible, but I will let you know if I'm running behind.


While I do my best to deliver them in a timely manner, I care more about delivering a knock-out film to you that you're going to love as opposed to something that I'm just trying to get to you because we're a week away from that deadline; and sometimes my creative juices just need a bit more time, especially during a wild wedding season where my brain doesn't get much of a break.